Thursday, April 30, 2015

Discussion Questions (Scholastic)

Here are some discussion questions from!

Discussion Questions

  1. Polly’s calling in life is making delicious pies. Do you have a special talent that you love doing like Polly?
  2. Charles takes a whiff of a perfume bottle to recall memories of his grandmother. Are there any smells that you associate with people or places you love?
  3. Alice remembers how Polly once quoted Henry David Thoreau by saying “Things do not change; we do.” Is there anything in your life that you want to change? How can you make this change?
  4. Why do you think Alice sometimes feels that her mother would be happy if she acted differently? Have you ever felt the same way as Alice? How does this make you feel?
  5. Why do you think Alice’s mother created the scrapbook detailing Polly’s success? How did this bring Polly and her mother closer together?
  6. Miss Gurke, the bodybuilding principal, believes that beauty pageants are insulting to women. What is your opinion?
  7. After Polly dies, the entire town starts baking pies in order to win the Blueberry Award. What is the difference between doing something to make others happy and doing something to win an award?
  8. Charlie says that he doesn’t like the way it feels to be mad and would rather be happy. Once you are mad, how can you change your mood?
  9. Polly once said, “The most important ingredient in a pie is the love that goes into making it.” Have you ever made or received a handmade gift? What makes it so special?
  10. Why do you think Polly specified in her will that Alice would write the jingle for the Lardo commercial and her mother would sing it?

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